Submit your comment urging the Biden administration to stop buying single-use plastics

Docket No. GSA-GSAR-2022-0014 Sequence No. 1

The U.S. government is the largest single consumer of goods and services in the world, and wasteful single-use plastic packaging is used in a variety of its operations, from construction and concession contracts to the maintenance of its facilities.

Plastic pollution is endangering wildlife and the environment around the world. Less than 10% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled -- the rest will stick around for centuries in our landfills, oceans, waterways and other wild spaces.

If we hope to truly tackle the plastic pollution crisis, we need the federal government to lead the way on cutting out the single-use plastic "stuff" that we just don't need. I urge the administration to enact a strong rule to eliminate the federal government's purchase and use of single-use plastics.