Make a public comment: Stop orca and salmon extinction

The Southern Resident orcas that call Puget Sound their home are starving because their primary food source -- Chinook salmon -- are being driven to extinction, in part by four federal dams on the lower Snake River.

A recent draft report by Senator Patty Murray and Governor Jay Inslee shows that the services the four Lower Snake River dams provide can be replaced -- which means that, with urgent action this year, we can prevent salmon extinction. They are now seeking public comment until July 11 while they finalize their recommendations.

Breaching these four dams on the Lower Snake River is the single biggest opportunity we have to restore key salmon populations that the Southern Resident orcas and Northwestern communities rely on.

It won't happen without your support. Take action now to ask Sen. Murray, Gov. Inslee and other elected leaders to remove the Lower Snake River dams.

Subject: Draft LSRD Benefit Replacement Study