Power Washington's buildings with safe, clean energy

Dear Members of the State Building Code Council,

I'm writing to urge you to approve the proposed updates to the Washington State commercial energy code to require that new commercial buildings be built with clean, electric heat pumps and heat pump water heaters instead of dangerous and polluting gas appliances.

After years of back-to-back climate change impacts, from devastating floods to historic wildfires and unprecedented heat waves, it is clear that decision-makers at all levels of government must act to reduce emissions and transition off of fossil fuels. A critical part of that is making sure that all of our buildings run on clean, renewable energy. Transitioning our buildings off of fossil fuels will also help protect our health and safety, as using fossil fuel appliances can negatively affect indoor air quality and contribute to cardiovascular and respiratory disease, stroke, and more.

The proposed code updates would ensure that, as we continue to construct large new buildings, we protect the health of our communities and make progress towards our state's climate commitments by transitioning away from fossil fuels, utilizing renewable energy sources, and using energy as efficiently as possible.

These proposals have been vetted over the last year by building and design industry professionals. Please move forward with the full package of amendments, including the heat pump space heating and water heating amendments.

Thank you for your consideration and your work on behalf of the state.