Tell your state legislators: It's time for Washington to be a leader for clean, electric cars.

Please support SB 5811, a bill to enable Washington to join the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Program.

Washington consumers deserve access to all electric vehicle models. Unfortunately, because our state isn't in the ZEV program, automakers don't sell all of their models here, and they often charge higher prices for those they do sell. Instead, automakers prioritize selling their EVs in the 11 states already in the ZEV program, providing consumers of those states more choice and better pricing than is offered here.

By requiring manufacturers to offer and sell more EVs to WA consumers, the ZEV Program will help address our biggest source of carbon emissions and air pollution, gasoline cars.

We can't keep using gasoline without further damaging public health and the world we are passing on to our children. The ZEV Program is a common-sense, low-cost, consumer-friendly measure to move us away from gasoline and toward a sustainable, carbon-neutral future.