Tell your senators: Be a clean water champion

Protect clean water

Will the U.S. Senate heed the more than 740,000 Americans who have called on the EPA to restore Clean Water Act protections to nearly 2 million miles of our nation's streams? Or will the Senate cater to the oil and gas, coal, developer and agribusiness lobbies that want to block us? We're on the verge of a big victory, but we need your action to protect the waters we love. 

Send a message to your senators urging them to move forward on clean waternot backward.

Subject: Move forward on clean water
We should be doing everything we can to protect our waterways. But loopholes in the Clean Water Act leave nearly 2 million miles of our country's streams and the drinking water for 117 million Americans vulnerable to pollution.

We want to move forward on clean water--not backward. To ensure that our drinking water and all our waterways are protected, we urge you to be a clean water champion by supporting the EPA's efforts to close these loopholes and enforce the law.